Why Stone Reading ?

Stones have a stable vibration, humans have a variable energy field. Wearing stones affect how someone feels. Diamonds for example might have very high magnifying power and should be worn with care.

Kako developed over the years a unique process to advise you with great precision which stones are best to wear for the moment, or which can be worn as a life stone.

The process involves a natal reading and a current reading. The natal reading is done once only and aims to assess your life on a grander scale through incorporating astrological data. A current reading can be done with an interval of minimum nine months. This form of reading looks into your general, state, mood, and behavior to determine a gemstone that best suits you, currently.

It is an engaging discovery process that involves at least 90 gemstones. Conducting them at my workshop involves using over 300 gemstones. 

She gives 2 types of stone readings:

  • Life reading: to find out your natal energy - tendencies, strong/ weak points, potentials, etc. .  This information will help to select your life stone that will keep a harmony and bring out hidden potentials.
  • Current reading: to discover your current energy stage, to receive messages from Gemstones and Medicine Wheel and to recommend the stone of the moment that will ease the flow of life.

Stone reading sessions outside of HK in 2018

  • Tokyo, Japan: July
  • Kent. UK: September 
  • Madrid. Spain: September 
  • Antwerp, Belgium: September 
  • Osaka: November 









2018年 香港以外でのストーンリーディングセッッション

  • 東京:7月
  • ケント・イギリス:9月
  • マドリッド・スペイン:9月
  • アントワープ・ベルギー:9月
  • 大阪:11月

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